Atlanta Software Development Consultancy focused on Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and AngularJS.

Our Culture & Values

We take a relationship-driven approach internally and with our clients.

Running a successful business goes beyond maintaining profit margins. It’s about forging great client relationships. It’s about fostering strong company culture and identity. It’s about building a team capable of creating next-generation web apps.

The Nightsprout Story

When Nightsprout was founded in 2011 by Mitchell Lane and Jason Bishop, a sea change - in both Atlanta’s technology scene and the industry at large - was already well under way. Having web software was no longer optional. For businesses that had already moved their apps online, simply having an app was no longer sufficient. Retaining customers meant having software that was both performant and easy-to-use. As many businesses discovered, this can often be a tall order to fill.

Nightsprout’s vision is to help businesses build this next generation of web software. To do this, we bring together top development and design talent - individuals capable of surpassing mediocre industry standards to create apps that combine rock-solid engineering with a great user experience. Nightsprout team members possess attention-to-detail, communication skills, and adaptiveness second to none.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our approach to business and building web apps. If you’d like to know more, please don’t hesitate to drop us a message - we’d love to hear from you.

Our Development Philosophy

Our partnership with you matters.

We believe that building a strong client relationship fosters mutual happiness and results in making better apps. Our goal is to consistently exceed your expectations. How do we do this? We take on select projects that we can execute better than anyone else. We stay in constant contact with our clients so they always know the status of their codebase. In short: when your project is complete, we want to know that you’ll do business with us again.

Web apps should “just work”.

We recognize that at the end of the day, our clients and their customers expect software that is easy-to-use and performs under even extreme conditions. To achieve this, we adopt a multi-pronged approach. First, we use open source technologies with proven track records. We also have in-house engineering and design talent, both of which are pivotal in delivering great apps. We also involve our clients throughout an iterative process so that the final product contains no unwanted surprises.

Small, talented teams are ideal for our clients.

We’ve learned that the rule “quality outweighs quantity” holds true in technology. This means we favor small teams of highly talented developers and designers over massive teams with members of unknown skill. When we match a team with a client, we have confidence that any individual on that team will be key in delivering the product. This structure also has the benefit of helping us remain adaptive when inevitable challenges arise during the project lifecycle.

What sort of people work at Nightsprout?

  • Tech Enthusiasts
  • Strong Communicators
  • Code Experts
  • Design Gurus
  • Team Players
  • Independent Thinkers

Meet the founders.

  • Mitchell Lane


    Hey, I’m Mitchell and I’ve been working with computers for most of my life. I learned to code with Logo on a Macintosh II in the fourth grade. I animated a ferris wheel - I was pretty proud of my work. Today, I’m involved in the Atlanta startup community building products that people love to use.

  • Jason Bishop


    Hi! My name is Jason and I’ve been a part of Atlanta's growing startup community since graduating from Georgia Tech in 2007. My interests include programming, illustration, and bikes. As Nightsprout's front-end lead, I concern myself with the processes that go into creating great user experience.

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