1. 17 Mar 2014

    On Bitcoins and Pull Requests

    By: Mitchell Lane

    Nightsprout now accepts Bitcoins!

    Starting this month, Nightsprout is now accepting Bitcoin payments through BitPay, an Atlanta-based Bitcoin payment solution provider.

    What does this mean for you? Simply put, we can now invoice and accept payments in Bitcoins! Whether you're an existing client or a prospective new one, send us an email at admin@nightsprout.com to learn more and/or begin to use Bitcoins. Changing payment systems does require some special action on our part, so make sure to let us know if you're interested.

    Pull Request Reviews as a Service

    Also starting this month, we're rolling out a new service -- Pull Request Reviews as a Service! We've talked to a lot of people who have requested something like this from us in the past and we've decided to formalize it as an offering.

    Pull Request Reviews as a Service is relatively straightforward. Nightsprout will get involved in your GitHub Pull Request workflow. Whenever a Pull Request gets opened on your projects, we'll review the code and point out potential technical and arcitectural issues that we see. There are quite a few benefits:

    • Technical Quality. We put an impartial extra set of eyeballs on your code, checking for technical issues and ensuring best practices.
    • Architectural Review. When we review a Pull Request, we'll consider the future implications of the code and how they fit with your business goals. If we notice any issues, we'll have a discussion to make sure everything is considered.
    • Mentorship. If your team is more junior and lacking someone in a mentorship role, we can provide guidance and initiate teaching moments through Pull Requests to help develop your team.
    • Risk Mitigation. Code reviews allow Nightsprout to get familiar with your codebase without doing active development on it. If you do have the need to engage us in active development down the line, we'll already be familiar with your existing codebase and ready to hit the ground running!

    We're offering Pull Request Reviews as a Service starting today in Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, JavaScript, and CSS/SCSS. If you're interested, drop us an email at admin@nightsprout.com to learn more!