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Client Project Portfolio

A selection of some of our most recent client projects.

We work hard to produce great work. When the time comes to share our portfolio with other people, we aren’t ashamed to do a little bragging. Thanks for checking it out and perhaps one day your project will be featured here as well!

Selected Work: Vitrue SRM

Prior to their acquisition by Oracle Corporation, Vitrue, a local Atlanta startup, was ready to take their product to the next level. Among other things, this meant brand-new features written in Rails, an audit of existing code, in-depth analysis of user flows, and a visual facelift. Our role in this process consisted of building several new features, such as storing and displaying massive amounts of users’ geographical data. We were also responsible for recreating the interface from the ground-up, bringing it into line with more contemporary apps.

Old SRM App

New SRM App

  • Interface Toolkit

    At Nightsprout, we are 100% confident in handing off our code and design to our clients. This is because we provide them with the tools to maintain their product and even develop new features. Modular code and UI elements are just one way we do this.

  • Detailed Specs

    Great engineering requires deep, nuanced spec. What are the use cases? What are possible break scenarios? What hidden functionality must be taken into account in code? We ask these questions continually throughout the development cycle.

  • Example Page States

    UI elements do not exist in a vacuum. Rather, they are brought together to form complete interfaces that have unique contexts and dynamic states. We provided Vitrue with complete UI explorations backed by rock-solid engineering.

Codebase and interface are property of Oracle Corporation. Product pictured here is for example purposes only.

Selected Work: Fullscreen Platform

Young startups like Fullscreen love us. Our small teams are ideal for the challenges of the startup environment. We can adapt nimbly to quickly-changing markets and competition; without layers of bureaucracy, we can make ad hoc changes as needed; our seasoned engineering and design expertise allows us to identify and solve obstacles along the way. This is exactly the situation Fullscreen - like many other new and quickly growing startups - found themselves in. We were able to quickly identify areas to improve their codebase, push features to serve uncovered business needs, and bring them up-to-par with their competitors.

Old Fullscreen Platform

New Fullscreen Platform

  • Initial Wireframes

    To better understand what we are building, we start projects with a discovery phase. Wireframes are one tool that help us make engineering and design decisions. They help identify considerations and problems before we begin prototyping.

  • Iterative Progress

    Only rarely does the first prototype resemble the final product. Featured above is an early version of the app, which was backed by the same engineering that serves the current live app. Our process includes many versions throughout the project lifecycle.

  • Core Architecture

    The soul of any Nightsprout-created app is powerful, robust code. To achieve this, we spend a lot of time diagramming and carefully considering project structure. We want to give our clients a codebase that will live long into the future.

Codebase and interface are property of Fullscreen Incorporated. Product pictured here is for example purposes only.

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