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Let us bring serious engineering and design skills to your business software.

We’ve brought together diverse talent capable of taking on any web project. Whether you’re looking to increase your conversion rate, upgrade an existing codebase, or simply want to give your app a facelift - we have the skills to help!

Services Packaged or À La Carte

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    Design & Branding

    Great apps begin with the seed of an idea. We can help breathe life into your vision. From branding and logo design to revamping a brochure website, our design services cover all the bases. Our designers are fast and also write code, so the interfaces we create are always reproducible in code and pixel-perfect. Not only does this result in a beautiful product, but it also reduces the overhead associated with a designer “handing off” their work to a developer.

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    UX/UI/IA Development

    So, your idea is a bit more solid. You know what you want and what you want it to look like. The next question is “How should it work?”. User experience, user interface, and information architecture (UX, UI and IA) are vital parts of modern web application. We can help you understand how your customers actually use your applications and improve their experience by crafting seamless user flows combined with reliable back end engineering.

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    Core App Development

    Your idea is ready! You know what you want - now its time to build it! Our experienced engineers will engage you with an iterative process. We strive to maintain constant communication so that you can watch your idea take shape it’s built - no unwanted surprises. As we build your app, we will use technologies that are proven, open, and encourage productivity. For more information on the technologies we use, see the full stack list below.

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    Software Deployment

    Its time to get your idea out into the hands of your users! That means its time to deploy, scale and maintain your application. With our help, we can get your application up and running without a problem. Our preferred cloud-based hosts provide the flexibility to scale up and down at a moment’s notice. Depending on your needs, we can also help maintain your new app or to help train and prepare your staff to handle maintenance and development internally.

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    Data Management

    Finally - you have customers using your software! Your app is now growing and collecting data. As you grow, managing your data the right way becomes increasingly important. This means improving application architecture, scaling up your database, and even adding more physical hardware. We can also help you get deep insight from the information you collect, helping to better inform the business decisions you make. Knowledge is power.

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    Business Analytics

    Business analytics and A/B testing are an often overlooked but vital part of any company who does business online. Every site is unique, with different target markets and revenue models, so there isn’t a one-size-fits-all strategy. We use various techniques to determine and systematically overcome pain points in your business. For example, do you know where in your sales funnel most of your customers drop off, why and how to fix it? If not, we can help!

Core Technologies

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is a powerful and productive open-source application framework. Nightsprout specializes in Ruby on Rails application development. Why? Simple. Ruby on Rails is a technology stack designed to optimize for software engineering productivity. For any given software product being produced today, you will typically find that your business spends orders of magnitude more on wages than on hardware infrastructure. With Ruby on Rails, engineering teams can achieve business objectives more efficiently than most other modern web technology stacks, reducing both risk and total cost of ownership of your software systems.


PostgreSQL is the database of choice for modern web development. As a very active open source database solution, PostgreSQL's featureset is extremely robust, reliable, and performant. It is used to power many of the largest and most popular web applications on the internet today. At Nightsprout, we prefer PostgreSQL for most projects because we know that it is a mature database technology capable of doing almost anything we ask of it. It is another technology choice that we make to help lower total cost of ownership and project risk.

jQuery & AngularJS

The modern web is built on the back of JavaScript. But native JavaScript is not always the best tool to work with. This is the problem that the creators of jQuery and AnguarJS were looking to solve. We prefer to use jQuery and AngularJS at Nightsprout for reasons very similar to why we prefer Ruby on Rails. jQuery is a library that makes JavaScript a much better programming language in and of itself. And AngularJS provides a modern application development framework for JavaScript that makes Software Engineers significantly more productive. The bottom line? Higher quality software products produced in a shorter amount of time.

Additional Project-Based Technologies

  • Heroku
  • Redis
  • MongoDB
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • WordPress
  • CoffeeScript

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